introducing: Shaina Says

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining me on my latest adventure, Shaina Says.

For the longest time, my manager Jessie has been telling me I absolutely needed to start a lifestyle blog. Ugh, but how do I even start one? I still don’t know the answer to that question, but I bit the bullet and here we are! Special thanks to Nicole for the perfect name.

In any case, once Jessie put the bug in my ear about a lifestyle blog (“Should I? Really?”), I started noticing that, not to toot my own horn, I am totally a recommendation girl. I. Have. A. Recommendation. For. Everything. Want to learn more about pour-over coffee? I’m your girl. Want to see how a real life person meal plans while balancing the rest of life? I’m your girl. Want to know what vitamin C serum or brow pencil you should try? I’m your girl.

So here we are! Come along for the ride if you like all things lifestyle, beauty, fitness, and mental health. I’ll share my latest & greatest, with a dose of real-life that you won’t get most other places on the internet.

So happy you’re here!

– Shaina

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