True Hue Haul

Today was MAIL DAY and I could not have been more excited! I discovered True Hue candles, locally made in Minneapolis, at SALT Salon a few months back. After smelling their Forest Fern candle burning at the shop, I immediately bought up the rest of the salon’s stock (thank god they only had three).

Fast forward to this Fall: I’ve been hunting down the Autumn and Holiday candle collections. I finally tracked down and purchased a Pumpkin Sage candle from the Autumn collection at Statement Boutique in the North Loop, and the sweet shop owner Molly told me that True Hue was brewing up something super special for their Holiday collection!

True Hue released the Holiday collection in collaboration with Sandwich Ceramics (another local company!) and together, produced the most perfect batch. I immediately snagged a Fir Needle and Toasted Brûlée, each in unique, hand-thrown pots. The Toasted Brûlée smells like Christmas cookie dreams and the Fir Needle is particularly reminiscent of one of my favorite scents on earth, Frasier Fir from Thymes.

Fir Needle + Toasted Brûlée candles, from True Hue's Holiday collection, 2019
Fir Needle + Toasted Brûlée candles, from True Hue’s Holiday collection, 2019

Since I was placing an order ANYWAYS, I picked up a few extra cuties. While I was at Statement Boutique that day, I was able to sniff almost the entire True Hue collection. I quickly added a Tangerine + Olive, Dried Cedar Moss, Fig + Twigs, and Blood Moon to my cart. Tangerine + Olive will be the perfect kitchen candle (once I’m done with all my holiday candles!). Dried Cedar Moss is a softer, warmer version of my tried and true favorite, Forest Fern – don’t worry, I’ve got two full back-ups. Fig + Twigs is sweet and slightly floral, and Blood Moon is a unique, but distinctly fall scent.

Huge shout-out to True Hue for amazing quality and customer service, and some of the loveliest-smelling candles around! Check them out on Instagram or on

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